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Class 12th Maths Book Part-2 Pdf – Dear Students, Here we provide the Maharashtra state board 12th class books pdf. Students who are looking for the Maharashtra state board 12th Std Math-2 Book have come to the right place.

Summary – Class 12th Maths Book Part-2 Pdf

12th Std Math-2 Book Free Pdf Summary- The Government of Maharashtra established the Maharashtra State Textbook Production and Curriculum Research Bureau in 1967, commonly referred to as Ebalbharti, to take responsibility for providing quality textbooks to all classes of students studying under the Maharashtra State Board. Mathematics is the study of science and quality, structure, space, and change. Through abstraction and logical reasoning, mathematics evolved from the systematic study of measurements, calculations, measurements, and therefore the shapes and movements of physical objects.

The curriculum of mathematics and statistics for 12th std for science and arts is divided into two parts. Part-2 deals with differentiation, Integration and their applications, introduction to random variables, and statistical method.

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Overview – Class 12th Maths Book Part-2 Pdf

Board NameMaharashtra State Board of Secondary &
Higher Secondary Education
Book PublisherE – balBharati
StreamScience, Arts

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Class 12th Maths Book Part-2 Pdf Syllabus

Sr.No.Title Of Chapter
2.Application Of Derivatives
3.Indefinite Integration
4.Definite Integration
5.Application of Definite Integration
6.Differential Equations
7.Probability Distributions
8.Binomial Distribution

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