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12th SP Textbook Pdf – Dear Students, Here you will get Maharashtra state board 12th class books. Below we have uploaded Maharashtra State Board 12th SP Book Pdf Download is very useful for study.

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Board NameMaharashtra State Board of Secondary &
Higher Secondary Education
Book PublisherEbalbharati

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112th SP Book Pdf Summary- The Government of Maharashtra established the Maharashtra State Textbook Production and Curriculum Research Bureau in 1967, commonly referred to as Ebalbharti, to take responsibility for providing quality textbooks to all classes of students studying under the Maharashtra State Board.

sp book of 12th commerce is a subject of commerce that relates only to the largest and most popular type of business venture in the business world. Joint-stock company. The Standard XI syllabus covers topics such as company characteristics, company establishment, its management, the role of a company secretary, etc.

The syllabus of class 12th is further related to the operations of joint-stock companies and the market for shares, debentures, public deposits, etc. Focuses on the methods used by the company to raise capital by issuing. Cases on important sources of capital, e.g. Shares, debentures, and public deposits only cover such capital raising provisions and procedures. These cases are followed by correspondence with capital contributors.

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12th SP Textbook Pdf Syllabus

  1. Introduction To Corporate Finance
  2. Sources of Corporate Finance
  3. Issue of Shares
  4. Issue of Debentures
  5. Deposits
  6. Correspondence with Members
  7. Correspondence with Debenture holders
  8. Correspondence with Depositors
  9. Depository System
  10. Dividend and Interest
  11. Financial Market
  12. Stock Exchange

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