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11th Std Maths Part-2 Textbook PDF – students who are looking for Maharashtra state board class 11th Commerce books PDF have come to the right place. Here you will get the Maharashtra state board 11th Std Maths Part-2 Textbook.

Overview – 11th Std Maths Part-2 Textbook PDF

Board NameMaharashtra State Board Secondary &
Higher Secondary Education
Book PublisherE-Balbharati

Summary – 11th Std Maths Part-2 Textbook PDF

11th Std Maths Pat-2 Textbook Summary – Maharashtra State Bureau of Text Book Production and Curriculum Research has modified and restructured the curriculum in Mathematics and Statistics for the Commerce stream in accordance with changing needs of society.

11th Std Maths Part-2 Textbook covers Combinatorics and Statistics. There is a special emphasis on applications. Activities are added at the end of every chapter for creative thinking. Some material will be made available on E-Balbharati.

You are encouraged to use modern technology in your studies. Explore the web for new information on curriculum topics. Get more examples and practice issues from the web.

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11th Std Maths Part-2 Textbook Syllabus

1 Partition Values
2 Measures of Dispersion
3 Skewness
4 Bivariate Frequency Distribution and Chi-Square Statistic
5 Correlation
6 Permutations and Combinations
7 Probability
8 Linear Inequations
9 Commercial Mathematics
10 Answers

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